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9.00am - 5.30pm

The Art of Letting Go 2019


60 hour CPD Yin Teacher Training 


The course will cover:

The Theory of Yin

The main poses of yin, variations, using props, how to make a pose yin

Anatomy - Skeletal variations, funtional anatomical movement

Teaching methodology - how to teach the poses, sequencing, theming, creating the mood

Practice yin - there will be a daily asana practice of around two hours

Meditation & Chanting -  will be part of our daily practice

The Philosophy of the Tao


This is a small group training, maximum of 14.


As part of the course there will be a teaching practice.

You’ll teach a one hour class one to one.


This course qualifies as 60 hours of CPD with Yoga Alliance US.

A certificate will be presented on completion of the course.


Yin is an essential complimentary practice to our regular vinyasa practice, as teachers we tire and become contracted if we only practice vinyasa, yin helps us to restore our energy by releasing stores up tension. As a teaching skill, it’s an essential in a one to one context; it helps students with increase their range of motion and those who are rehabilitating injuries. In yin we work more into the connective tissue and joints, stressing them to increase their health, this is tailored to the individual using our knowledge of anatomical variations. 

Yin is a great second practice to teach in the evenings on a retreat. Another tool in the box!



YogaWorks London

5 East Hill, London

SW18 2HT



Early bird offer of £650 if booked before September 16.

The full price after that date is £700.

To book : email:


Yin Testimonials 


It is one week since I completed Austin's teacher training and I have already led my first class as an instructor. Without wanting to give too much away the course covered aspects of meditation, breathing, Daoist philosophy, anatomy & physiology, alongside the principles of Yin yoga as described in "The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga" by Bernie Clark. The postures were thoroughly broken down and we spent plenty of time discussing the sequencing of asanas and how this might affect a given practice. As a registered osteopath and Pilates instructor I have found the course to be invaluable, complimenting my own approaches to healthcare and exercise. Highly recommended. 

Jimmy Morris, Osteopath,Body Worker and Pilates Instructor


I came to Austin’s yin training as a vinyasa teacher with limited experience of yin yoga. I wanted to be able to offer yin to my clients as an alternative to flow yoga and also to compliment my own practice. The course was intensive and challenging, a true immersion into yin practice, yin anatomy and yin teaching methodology and I left feeling completely confident about teaching yin. The focus was more on western understanding of anatomy than Chinese medicine and meridians although both were covered. Austin is a dedicated and supportive teacher and the class size was small so everyone had a chance to contribute and test their understanding. Having taken my 200 hour training with a large school, I think a small class size is very important and much preferred Austin’s approach to teacher training. I would recommend this course to any yoga teacher interested in learning more about yin yoga. 

Jo Walder, Yoga Teacher

Austin has been my teacher for well over 7 years. He's an outstanding teacher and I have improved immensely thanks to his teaching. I did my 200 Hour Yoga Alliance US teacher training with Shanti Power Yoga because he was teaching it and I knew that I would leave there with a wealth of information. 


I had been curious about Yin, I had looked at a few classes online, read about it, decided to go to a few classes but I've always been an active person so passive stretches held for a long period of time didn't really seem really appealing or challenging, it was more like slow torture and it was only appealing just as a lazy way of teaching yoga! When Austin told me that he was running a Yin teacher training I decided to give it a go and see what it was all about. I've learnt so much about connective tissue, different body types, functional movement, ROM etc., it has changed my usual active practice and the way that I teach. I have learnt the importance of yin, not only as a student but especially as a teacher and now not only do I teach it but practice it and as a result I've been able to see the difference in my natural movements in a relatively short period of time. 


I enjoyed the schedule of the training with 5 days on, then off at the weekend, it gave the brain time to assimilate what we had learnt and also to do some research on my own. I still didn't experience the benefits of a great sleep after a practice like most of my colleagues and students have but maybe one day.

Roxana Cristescu, Yoga Teacher


I was unsure of what to expect of the yin intensive, but by the end of day 1 I knew I made a great choice. The mornings were spent practicing, relaxing and enjoying. The afternoons were filled with Austin’s immense knowledge and assistance. The small number of students made for an intimate and personal feel to learning. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to deepen their practice, continue their learning, or experience the world of yin. 

Koreen Strauss, Yoga Teacher

As a teacher, I found the Yin 60hr TTC with Austin to be a very well-balanced course. The source material was thorough, at times a refresher on the basics, and at other times shed new light on old ideas. Each morning’s Yin practice gave us an opportunity to physicalise what we were studying, and each afternoon’s lessons comprehensively integrated anatomy and theory with plenty of time for questions, discussions, and even healthy debate. A real pleasure and privilege to study with him.

Natasha O’Brien, Actress & Yoga Teacher


If you are undecided about signing up for the training, go for it! Coming from quite a yang place of practising power yoga almost daily, I think I instinctively knew that it was time to introduce a softer part of my practice and teaching

and I'm so happy I signed up for the training with Austin. My body changed so much in just one week of yin practice and so did my mindset.  Austin explained the poses and teaching points so well, challenged our beliefs and made learning about it all super enjoyable and hands-on.

Csilla Gemmecke, Yoga Teacher


I met Austin few years ago and loved his classes from day one. His ability to give specific attention to each student shows his true devotion to yoga. He really cares! When I saw he was doing a Yin teacher training course I didn’t think twice. His course has given me a fresh perspective in how to teach yoga. He’s wise, direct and funny without losing the focus on the class. The teacher training was a perfect balance of learning and practice. I’m very grateful to have been on his Yin training, it brought me a lot of inspiration. I now feel more confident knowing what’s best for my body and ready to share it in my classes. I highly recommend his classes, trainings or workshops, you’ll never regret it.

Lidia Montiel, Yoga Teacher

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